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07/10/2016: The Beam Team will present a handful of posters plus an oral presentation at the 3D Materials Science Congress.

05/15/2016: Welcome Zach Brunson, the newest member of the Beam Team. Zach will do his PhD on multiaxial micromechanics of magnesium alloy deformations, in collaboration with Jeff Lloyd, Rich Becker, and Stephan Bilyk at the Army Research Laboratory.

02/11/2016: Ashley Bucsek published her first paper, "Composition, Compatibility, and the Functional Performances of Ternary NiTiX Shape Memory Alloys" in the new special issue of Shape Memory and Superelasticity on High Temperature Shape Memory Alloys.

01/21/2016: Garrison Hommer published a conference paper "Development of a Specimen for in-situ Diffraction Planar Biaxial Experiments" in the Society of Experimental Mechanics proceedings. 

01/13/2016: Congratulations to Harshad Paranjape, our Post Doc, on his latest publication on Phase Field - Finite Element modeling of phase transformations and plasticity in shape memory alloys.

01/13/2016: We welcome our newest members - graduate students Senthamilaruvi Moorthy and Henry Geerlings!

12/14/2015: $2.5M grant awarded to establish 3D metal printing consortium, "The Beam Team" are the Principal Investigators! 

12/01/2015: We welcome Research Assistant Professor Branden Kappes to the group. Branden is researching path dependence and non-associative flow in Mg-AZ31b with the Army Research Laboratory, and also developing advanced algorithms for high energy X-ray diffraction data analysis.

12/01/2015: We welcome new Undergraduate Research Assistant Spencer Connor to the group. Spencer is researching the mechanical behavior of new superelastic NiTiHf alloys.

08/15/2015: We welcome new PhD student Sean Mills to the group. Sean is researching new linear-superelastic dent-proof and corrosion resistant bearing alloys for NASA through the Center for Advanced Non-Ferrous Structural Alloys (CANFSA).

07/30/2015: New Article "In-situ Neutron Diffraction Studies of Increasing Tension Strains of Superelastic Nitinol" published in Shape Memory and Superelasticity.

05/12/2015: New Article "In-situ Neutron Diffraction Studies of Large Monotonic Deformations of Superelastic Nitinol" published in Shape Memory and Superelasticity.

04/06/2015: Alex Sundby successfully defendend his M.S. Thesis "Deformation Mechanisms of Iron Shocked in Excess of One Megabar Pressures." Congratulations Alex!

04/01/2015: Ashley Buscek won an NSF Graduate Fellowship. Congratulations Ashley!

03/30/2015: Paul Paradise successfully defended his M.S. Thesis "In-Situ Diffraction Studies of Rate Sensitivity in Polycrystalline Shape Memory Alloys." Congratulations Paul!

03/23/2015: Our new planar biaxial experiment is now live - visit our Facilities page for more information.

02/10/2015: Prof. Stebner was elected President of the ASM International Organization of Shape Memory and Superelastic Technologies.

01/06/2015: Prof. Stebner was awarded an NSF-Career program titled "CAREER: In-situ Advancements for Study of Multi-axial Micromechanics of Solid Materials."

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