Understanding process-structure-property relationships at all length scales


Improving the recyclability and energy footprint of composites manufacturing


Engineering better materials for diverse applications

Additive Manufacturing

Shifting manufacturing paradigms with data informatics and machine learning

Welcome to the research home of Aaron P. Stebner’s group at Colorado School of Mines. Our group is known as “The Beam Team,” as we spend a lot of time working on beam lines at synchrotron and neutron facilities around the world. This site provides snapshots of our active research programs, our researchers, our education activities, our capabilities and facilities, and our publications.

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About the Beam Team

The Beam Team is known for cross-disciplinary work with a Mechanical Engineering core, such as developing new characterization and data analysis capabilities for studying deformation and manufacturing of materials in situ, and integrating data informatics and machine learning to accelerate discovery, development, and optimization of mechanics models and manufacturing processes. We are also known for incorporating the latest fundamental scientific discoveries into practical, usable tools for innovating engineering applications for companies and the government. Our group is affiliated with the following Centers and Institutes: ADAPTIACMI.