Alex Sundby

Reactor Operations Training Engineer, Bechtel Marine Corporation

Master's Thesis at Mines: Deformation Mechanisms of Pure Polycrystalline Iron Shocked in Excess of One Megabar Pressures

Ashley Bucsek, PhD

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan

PhD Thesis at Mines: High-Energy Diffraction Microscopy Advancements for Study of Martensitic Phase Transformations

Behnam Amin-Ahmadi, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Colorado School of Mines, Mechanical Engineering

Postdoctoral Research at Mines: 3D Printing of Biomedical Shape Memory Alloys

Dana Drake

Lab Engineer–Metals, EOS North America

Master's Non-Thesis at Mines: MS in Mechanical Engineering with a focus in metals additive manufacturing

Dylan Cousins

PhD Thesis at Mines: Advanced Thermoplastic Composites for Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing

Garrison Hommer, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Colorado School of Mines, Mechanical Engineering

PhD Thesis at Mines: In Situ High-Energy Diffraction Microscopy Studies of Tension-Tension Cold Dwell Fatigue in Ti-7Al

Grant Hudish, PhD

Characterization Lab Manager, CoorsTek

Postdoctoral Research at Mines: Transformation Strains of New High-Temperature Shape Memory Alloys

Harshad Paranjape, PhD

Research Engineer, Confluent Medical Technologies

Postdoctoral Research at Mines: In Situ 3D X-ray Diffraction Developments

Henry Geerlings

Materials Engineer, CoorsTek

Master's Thesis at Mines: Development of Algorithms and Software for Autonomous Analysis of Porosity Via X-ray Computed Tomography and Metallography

Paul Paradise

Engineer II, Advatech Pacific, Inc. / PhD Research Asst., Arizona State University

Master's Thesis at Mines: In Situ Diffraction Studies of Rate Dependence of Twinning, Phase Transformation, and Slip in Shape Memory Alloys

Sean Mills

PhD Thesis at Mines: Development of Nickel-Titanium-Hafnium Alloys for Impact Resistant Tribology Performances

Senthamilaruvi Moorthy

Mechanical Design Engineer, Productive Resources, John Deere

Master's Thesis at Mines: Quantification of Tension and Compression Property Variance of Selective Laser Melted Inconel 718 Accelerated Using Machine Learning

Yasuhito Suzuki, PhD

Assistant Professor, Osaka Prefecture University, Department of Applied Chemistry

Postdoctoral Research at Mines: Recyclable Thermoplastic Composites for Wind Energy