Recent and upcoming Beam Team graduates


Senthamilaruvi Moorthy
MS, Mechanical Engineering, December 2017

Modeling and Characterization of Mechanical Properties in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufactured Inconel 718

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Garrison Hommer
PhD, Mechanical Engineering, anticipated May 2018

Mechanism of Dwell Fatigue Crack Initiation in Ti-7Al Under Biaxial Tension-Tension Loads

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Henry Geerlings
MS, Materials Science, anticipated May 2018

Automatic Image Data Characterization in Additive Manufacturing Using TRACR

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Ashley Bucsek
PhD, Mechanical Engineering, anticipated May 2018

Elucidating the Relationship Between Microstructure Evolution and Macroscale Behavior in Twinning and Phase-Transforming Alloys Using High Energy Diffraction Microscopy

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