BS, Materials Science and Engineering
The Ohio State University, 2014

MS, Materials Science and Engineering
Colorado School of Mines, 2018

PhD, Materials Science and Engineering
Colorado School of Mines, 2019


Sean is a third-year PhD student at Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado. Under the advisement of Professor Aaron Stebner, his current research project focuses on NiTiHf alloy development for bearing applications. Prior to his appointment at Mines, Sean acquired an extensive materials background at The Ohio State University. His motivations to continue his studies in materials science stem from his strengths in identifying and improving strengthening mechanisms for metals in structural applications, controlling corrosion resistance in extreme and harsh environments, and applying knowledge of common failure modes for certain materials to develop a product that is better suited for the application.

Research funded by the Center for Advanced Non-Ferrous Structural Alloys (CANFSA)
Collaborators: Chris Dellacorte, Ronald Noebe, NASA Glenn Research Center; Peter Collins, Iowa State University